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Evening Routine Set

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You deserve to start each day with an uplifting routine.

Just in time for the winter months, we have put together a box of our favorite calming products to help you wind down at the end of the day. Share this limited edition box with family, friends or as a gift for yourself.

Each box contains our Daily Strength oil, a box of our new CBD chocolate truffles, and a bottle of Sleep Elixir crafted by our friends at Furnace Creek Farms.

Our Daily Strength CBD Oil contains:

500mg of organic full-spectrum CBD oil in organic USDA non-GMA MCT oil


Our Limited Raw & Fine x Lily CBD Chocolate Truffles contains:

Four Truffles | Each piece contains 20mg of Organic, Full-Spectrum cbd oil & 45% cacao + 35% coconut oil + 20% agave/coconut sugar

Furnace Creek Farm’s Valerian Elixir:

Local Raw Honey, organic apple cider vinegar, valerian (valeriana officinalis), and Red Shiso (Perilla frutescen)

We met Grace - the owner of Furnace Creek - at Union Square Greenmarket a few years ago. She had just started sharing her new line of beautiful, organic practice elixirs and we were hooked. Each bottle contains so much love and care in every single drop.
Valerian Root promotes sleep, calms the mind, and the nervous system. Red Shisho is filled with Flavonoids known to promote the healthy functioning of the nervous and circulatory systems.